【NoozhawkNews】Direct Relief 擴充冷鏈儲存容量以協助 COVID-19 疫苗接種

January 30, 2021 | 7:30 pm UPDATED January 5, 2023 | 7:46 am
by Brooke Holland, Noozhawk Staff Writer | @NoozhawkNews
新聞出處:NoozhawkNewsDirect Relief Expands Its Cold-Storage Capacity to Assist with COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts

(照片中的超低溫冷凍櫃來自PHCbi VIP ECO系列Ultra Low Freezer,型號:MDF-DU702VH)

總部位於Santa Barbara的非營利人道救援組織 Direct Relief ,正在擴充冷鏈儲存能力,以儲存和配送對溫度敏感的新冠病毒疫苗,截至週二,Direct Relief 位於 6100 Wallace Becknell Road 的總部,尚未收到要在其設施儲存或配送的新冠病毒疫苗,不過該組織已被列入加州的新冠病毒疫苗分發計劃,作為南加州地區的後援儲存站點,該地區擁有約 2000 萬人口,Direct Relief 為這項主要由州和縣級公共衛生官員管理的工作,隨時做好協助和支援的準備。

“我們為任何狀況做好準備,”Direct Relief 總裁兼執行長 Thomas Tighe 說: “我們身在團隊之中,有需要時可隨時支援。”

在過去的幾個月裡,Direct Relief 在現有的三層、2,800 平方英尺的冷藏室中增添冷鏈容量,Direct Relif 現在的冷凍櫃、醫療冷藏設備,包括州政府安裝的五個動力冷箱設備、兩台超低溫冷凍櫃、一台醫藥級步入式冷凍櫃,和二台用來調節運送箱及放入物品達到適當溫度的步入式冷凍櫃。

政府提供的兩台超低溫冷凍櫃在攝氏-70度下運行,每台約可容納 415,000 劑輝瑞疫苗,五台冷箱設備可儲存超過 110 萬劑莫德納疫苗,冷箱將貨物保持在攝氏-20度的環境中,20 英尺的步入式醫藥級冷凍櫃,內部空間超過 350 立方英尺,可容納約 130 萬劑莫德納疫苗,冷凍櫃的溫度設定在攝氏-20度。

“我們擁有的本質是冷鏈儲存容量,”Tighe 說:“必要時我們也能在適當的冷箱中儲存、包裝和運輸。

Direct Relief Expands Its Cold-Storage Capacity to Assist with COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts

Direct Relief, a Santa Barbara-based humanitarian aid nonprofit organization, is expanding its cold-storage capacity to store and distribute temperature-sensitive coronavirus vaccines. As of Tuesday, Direct Relief had not received COVID-19 vaccines for storage or distribution at its facility, headquartered at 6100 Wallace Becknell Road. However, the organization is written into the State of California’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan as a backup storage site for the Southern California area, which is home to about 20 million people. Direct Relief is standing by to assist and support the efforts largely managed by public health officials at the state and county levels.

“We are preparing to be able to handle any scenario,” Direct Relief President/CEO Thomas Tighe said. “We are here on their team, and they can call us whenever they need to.”

Direct Relief has added to the organization’s existing three-story, 2,800-square-foot cold room during the past few months. The organization’s freezer capacity and medical refrigeration now include five powered cold-box units that the State of California has staged at Direct Relief, two ultra-low-temperature freezers from the state, one pharma-grade walk-in freezer, and two walk-in freezers to condition shipping boxes and inserts to the appropriate temperature. 

Two state-supplied ultra-low-temperature freezers can each hold about 415,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine, and they’re operating at minus-70 degrees Celsius. Five state-supplied cold-box refrigerated units can store more than 1.1 million doses of the Moderna vaccine. The cold box keeps shipments in a minus-20 degrees Celsius environment. The 20-foot, walk-in pharma-grade freezer is more than 350 cubic feet inside, and it can hold about 1.3 million doses of the Moderna vaccine. The freezer has the temperature set at minus-20 degrees Celsius.

“What we have is essentially storage capacity,” Tighe said. “We can store, we can pack and transport in the appropriate cold boxes if needed.

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